Strawberry Onions With Trimmed Green Tops

SOLD OUT Strawberry Onions (25LBS Onions with trimmed green tops)

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Do you love cooking with onions but hate the tears that come every time you cut or cook an onion? Our famous fresh Strawberry Onions are back in season.  And I promise you, they won't make you cry every time you slice them or cook them. 

These onions are grown alongside our strawberries in our strawberry fields and they are the sweetest onion you'll ever try.  

Strawberry Onion packages are available in the following options:

  • 25 lbs 

Please note onions are currently the size of a baseball. Each onion order is shipped out on Mondays through UPS Ground to your home (from Florida to green states only 1-3 transit days see UPS map below).


    *** You must be present to accept package from UPS.

    Don't miss out on the tastiest onions around! Only available for a limited time.