Strawberry Shortcake

Try Our World Famous Strawberry Shortcake (available January 2nd – April 7th)

Every winter, people flock to Parkesdale Farm Market from across the United States, even as far as Europe and Asia, just for a bowl of our World Famous Strawberry Shortcake! Served fresh from the fields, sweet sliced berries sit atop a bed of shortcake with a healthy dollop of whipped cream as garnish.
Our shortcake has been an ever improving recipe to combine the tastes of the south with the appeal of the north for the perfect shortcake. A little like a biscuit with a touch of cake, our shortcake is just sweet enough to compliment the juicy strawberries and moist enough to soak up all the sugary flavored berry juices.

A grand attraction in its own right, during the annual Plant City Strawberry Festival, Parkesdale Farm Market caters to the town’s love of berries with our very own Strawberry Throne. Sit, put on your crown, hold your roses and enjoy the chance to be Queen or King for the day. Enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of Festival days by taking a break at one of our tables, set amid a tropical garden and lush flowers and foliage, to try our fresh milkshakes, shortcakes, and other delectable treats. Our Market sits directly on your route to or from the Festival each year, don’t forget to stop and pick up your own berries and more to take home!! 

Strawberry Shortcake Menu List

Strawberry Shortcake Menu (Available Jan 2- Apr 7)

 1) Strawberry Shortcake with non-dairy topping $6

2) Strawberry Shortcake with Vanilla Ice Cream & non-dairy topping $7

3) Sundae Boat - ice cream, berries, non-dairy topping $6

4) A Big Bowl of Sweetened Berries Loads of non-dairy topping $6

5) Strawberry Milkshake $4.50

6) Vanilla Ice Cream & non-dairy topping $4

7) Cake No Berries - cake, ice cream, non-dairy topping $4

8) No-Sugar Berries- A bowl of unsweetened berries with a load of non-dairy topping $6

9) Cake No Sugar Berries - unsweetened berries, sugar in the cake and non-dairy topping $6 

****Please Note: Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. We do our best to keep prices current and provide accurate information.

Strawberry Shortcake Summer Menu {April-December}

Banana Splits $5.00

Ice Cream Sundaes (chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch, pineapple) $5.00

Dole Whip Pineapple and Strawberry (cones $3.50, floats $4.50, jumbo cup $6.50)

Parfaits (chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch, pineapple) $3.00

Fruit popsicles: lemonade, watermelon, mango, cantaloupe $2.00

Fresh fruit juice: lemonade, pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe $2.00

Milkshakes: strawberry, peach, mango, chocolate, cafe mocha, banana, papaya, vanilla, pineapple, coconut,  piña colada. $4.00

Tangerine Swirl Ice Cream: cone or cup $1

****Please Note: Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. We do our best to keep prices current and provide accurate information.

World Famous Strawberry Shortcake & Milkshakes

Every year we get visitors from all over the world to try our special family recipe- Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake Magic

Our world-famous strawberry shortcake being assembled

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Our strawberry shortcake & milkshakes bring all the families to the yard-along with the plant nursery, seasonings, gourmet jellies and jams and the crowd favorite, 7 keys coconut toast spread).

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