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The Spice Lab 3-Pack

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Our hand crafted perfect for all around cooking seasoning is paired great with anything from chicken to bagels. 

 **Country Style Honey Mustard-A perfect seasoning for chicken and pork.

Ingredients: Hudson valley salt, honey granules (cane sugar and honey), MUSTARD, dried garlic & onion, spices, acidity regulator (citric acid), turmeric, sweet paprika.

**Born On The Bayou-A perfect seasoning for chicken, pork, and gator.

Ingredients: Hudson valley salt, dried garlic & onion, brown sugar, black pepper, cayenne pepper, vegetable fiber to prevent caking and not more than 2% orange oil.

**Original Everything + More-The savory sprinkle that perks up just about everything.

Ingredients: Hudson valley salt, sesame seeds, dried onion & garlic, poppy seeds, chili flakes.