Strawberry Cookies - 3 pack

Strawberry Cookies
Strawberry Cookies - 3 pack Baked Goods Parkesdale

Strawberry Cookies - 3 pack

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Our deliciously sweet strawberry cookies will have you craving for more after each bite. Made fresh with strawberries picked at the peak of freshness. Whether you are sending them to a family member or friend, or even to yourself, you'll be happy you did!


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We are absolutely obsessed with spoiling you with our highest quality fruits and other goodies we produce right here in Florida. Savor the flavors of our premium fruits and produce, hand-picked from our small farm market and shipped nationwide for your convenience. 

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From Northern Ireland to Florida, the legacy of Parkesdale Farms is ripe with flavor!

Customer Reviews

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Margaret S.

It's really hard to stop with one cookie!
The pieces of real strawberries, ifin the soft crunchy cookies, melt in your mouth!!

Quite tasty with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream between two cookies too!
A nice yummy frozen treat...

Not so much!

I was excited to try these cookies and share them with my staff. Most of us found them to taste very artificial and unusual after taste.


Gift for my niece in Indiana, she loves them!

Margo White
The best ever!!!

This product is so good tried it for the first time now I am hooked!!!!

Sue F
The cookie you never thought you HAD to have!

When I was a kid during the 1980's, we would go to FL every year from NH. Our family used to stop at Parksdales religiously to buy 40-50 bags of oranges, 100lb of tomatoes and onions all to bring back home for friends and family.
But the highlight of the trip was the strawberry shortcake and COOKIES!! These are by far and large my all time favorite cookie. I was ecstatic to see that they can now be shipped. They are soft, moist, and absolutely the best strawberry flavored treat out there...a must try!