What is a Pineberry?

You might be wondering what exactly is a Pineberry. If you know Parkesdale, then you know our history of growing the best and sweetest tasting strawberries. But did you know there's a new berry in town?

Parkesdale Pineberries

What is a Pineberry?

As the story goes, a friend brought some white strawberry seeds to the team at the University of Florida IFAS. Pineberry or Pineberries are the result of cross-breeding between the white strawberry seeds ,originally from Japan, and the American counterpart typical red strawberry.

Are Pineberries edible?

Absolutely. They taste very much like a regular strawberry but have a slight aroma and flavor of a pineapple.

When are Pineberries in season?

Pineberries are currently in season. They will follow the same schedule as our regular strawberries which are in season from late November through early April.

Where do Pineberries grow?

Pineberries are currently grown in Florida. Our fields are located throughout Dover, Fl.

What do Pineberries taste like?

Pineberries taste like strawberries with a slight pineapple taste. They are juicy and sweet with a little tartness just like a pineapple.

Where can I find Pineberries?

You can find Pineberries at our market located at 3702 W Baker St, Plant City FL. Our market is open everyday from 9 am to 6 pm.

What do Pineberries look like?

Some Pineberries are all white, while some have a pink-reddish tint to them. Either way, they are a delicious new addition to our family.