Strawberry Shortcake Menu is here!

Our World Famous Strawberry Shortcake is available now! Every year people ask us when is shortcake coming back. Well, the wait is over. We start serving Strawberry Shortcake on January 2nd.

As always, our Strawberry Shortcake is made only with the freshest and sweetest berries Parkesdale has to offer this is why we only make it during strawberry season (Jan 2 to early April). Strawberry Shortcake has to be made with fresh from the fields berries, otherwise it wouldn't be as good.

We also get a lot of questions about our "cake". The secret to our cake is the combination of biscuit and cake. Some people like biscuits while others like angel food cake for their shortcake. After years of making our strawberry shortcake, we've been able to perfect our recipe to please our visitors' taste buds. Our strawberry shortcake is right in the middle and having our fresh Parkesdale berries just takes it over the top to make the best strawberry shortcake you've ever had!

Currently we are open everyday 9am to 6pm


 1) Strawberry Shortcake with non-dairy topping $5

2) Strawberry Shortcake with Vanilla Ice Cream & non-dairy topping $6

3) Sundae Boat - ice cream, berries, non-dairy topping $5

4) A Big Bowl of Sweetened Berries Loads of non-dairy topping $5

5) Strawberry Milkshake $3

6) Vanilla Ice Cream & non-dairy topping $3

7) Cake No Berries - cake, ice cream, non-dairy topping $3.00

8) No-Sugar Berries- A bowl of unsweetened berries with a load of non-dairy topping $5

9) Cake No Sugar Berries - unsweetened berries, sugar in the cake and non-dairy topping $5