Jade Plant Crassula
Jade Plant - Crassula (Includes Shipping) Succulents Parkesdale

Jade Plant - Crassula (Includes Shipping)

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Jades are great houseplants which require part sun but can tolerate full sun. If planted outside, they can thrive in zones 10-11 as long as they are brought inside if temperature drops below 50 degrees F.

As part of the succulent family, Jade plants, prefer drier conditions and require at least 4 hours of direct sunlight daily. South and western facing windows are perfect locations in the home for your Jade plant.

Sometimes considered a symbol of good luck, Jade plants are perfect for the home or office. Make sure to water your plant sufficiently in order to not let it dry out, while at the same time not keeping it soaked. Try watering it once a week, then check midway during the week to see if it's too dry.