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Desert Rose (Includes Shipping)

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Desert Rose (Adenium obesum) might look like a bonsai because of its swollen trunk, but they are part of the succulent family. As a flowering succulent, Desert Roses are perfect container plants and can sometimes be planted outside if temperatures allow.

As a succulent, Desert Rose prefers lots of full sun (at least 6 hours) and warm, dry conditions. It's swollen trunk allows it to store water for later use. Desert Roses can be white, pink, or red. It's flowers are clumped, trumpet shaped. Perfect container plant for a patio as long as it gets 6+ hours of sunlight daily. Desert Roses need sunlight to produce flowers. 

If you are in warm climate year round, you may plant Desert Rose in the ground as long as temperatures don't go below 32 degrees F.

  • full sun
  • flowering succulent
  • easy care, low maintenance
  • container plant
  • ships as 4" pot
  • not pet friendly, poisonous 
  • colorful pink, red or white flowers

Common name: Desert Rose

Botanical name: Adenium obesum

Uses: patio plant/outdoor plant

Sunlight requirement: full sun


Hardiness Zone: 10a-12

Drought tolerant: yes

Soil preference: well drained

Fertilizer needs: apply well balanced fertilizer in summer months

Watering needs: Prefers dry conditions. Low-medium water needs.