Calathea Medallion

Calathea Medallion (Includes Shipping)

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Calatheas are commonly known as Prayer Plants. A cool fact about them is they are called Prayer Plants because at night their leaves turn upright like prayer hands. I love Calatheas because they come in so many different varieties, you can become a Calathea collector in no time. These plants like water once a week and a sunny location such as a window sill. And that's it. Keep the soil moist to the touch but not overly wet. In other words, you almost want the soil to be dry-damp before you give them some water again. Another great thing about Calatheas is that they are non-poisonous to pets. 

Calathea Medallion are known for their big, broad, colorful leaves which makes them perfect for low light indoor conditions. Their leaves have a combination of green shade on the top of the leaf and a purple/burgundy color on the bottom side of the leaf making it a colorful addition to your home.

  • indoor/houseplant
  • pet friendly
  • low-medium light needs
  • medium watering needs
  • ships as 4" pot
  • easy care, low maintenance
  • container plant

Common name: Prayer Plant

Botanical name: Calathea roseopicta 'Medallion'

Uses: patio plant/indoor plant/house plant. Can be grown outside under shade in zones 8-11.

Sunlight requirement: medium to bright indirect light, can tolerate low light

Hardiness Zone: 8-11

Drought tolerant: no

Soil preference: well drained

Fertilizer needs: feed mid-Spring until summer months while plant is actively growing

Watering needs: Low-medium water needs. Does not like wet-soggy soil. Be careful of overwatering.